Hunting For Big Game

This is a good way to tell

There is so many ways to tell if deer’s are coming to your spot

How Always Get A Bigger Deer Kill Each Time

People think all you need is corn that’s not so you have to wait for the right time counting to days you first saw sign’s of a deer like fresh track and stink on the deer trial. Just if you see sign like this wait about 2to 3 day then go back to the same spot and you should get a Big deer kill there this works so many times.And most deer’s eat at night also I think a good deer Cam. is the best way to count the day the deer’s come in to your spot.T here is a lot of to judge when to deer’s come in to you stand and eat.Pawing the ground is  another way to tell if you have big deer’s coming to your spot also.Happy Hunting. 

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